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The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

Growing the Next Generation of Nurse Leaders

Growing the leadership capacity of newly graduated nurses is the focus of this initiative. 

In The Greenhouse new nurses will talk candidly about nursing, leadership, and the challenges of advancing nursing practice in the dynamic context of 21st century healthcare. The intent of this dialogue is to encourage and support knowledge transfer from expert to novice, while enticing the appetite for leadership in our newest members. Growing leadership capacity in nursing has never been more urgent, as we face an increasingly unpredictable environment and resource taxed health care context. Who would understand this more acutely than the recently inducted Fellows of the CNA Academy of Nursing. Over 50 Fellows strong, the nursing leadership represented in the Academy spans the full gamut of professional scopes and leadership roles.

The Academy of Nursing is the first pan-Canadian organization dedicated to identifying, educating, supporting, and celebrating nursing leaders across all the regulated categories and all domains of practice. 

Please stay tuned to The Greenhouse as we announce the seminar series for 2021.
Nursing The Future™ acknowledges that nurses across this country live, work and play on the lands of our Indigenous Ancestors and we join our members in expressing respectful gratitude for this privilege.
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