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Dr. Judy  Boychuk Duchscher
Director - Nursing The Future
Kathryn Corneau
Program Coordinator - Nursing The Future
Rob Gottschalk
Chief Executive Officer - Canadian Nurses Foundation

Moving Nursing Forward

Dr. Judy Duchscher and her national team are excited to share this platform of support for nursing students and newly graduated practical, psychiatric and registered nurses as they transition to professional practice. NTF offers:
A platform of education and connection related to professional role transition for students approaching graduation, new nurses experiencing transition and educators, senior nurses and leaders looking to support our newest professionals;
Social and professional support network for nurses moving into professional practice for the first time;
Knowledge-generating and initiative-sharing network on new nurse professional role transition; and
Source of information that can assist in our understanding of practice patterns and workplace issues being faced by new nurses and their senior nursing colleagues.
The team for Nursing The Future™ comes from across Canada and speaks to all scopes of nursing practice. Have a listen to their stories about how this project is uniting nurses and moving nursing forward.

Canadian Nurses Foundation

Since 1962, CNF has invested more than $10 million in scholarships and $9 million in research funding to over 2,000 nurses, nurse researchers and nursing students to advance nursing practice, knowledge and care in Canada.

In 2023, Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF) launched our Healing Healthcare initiative which focuses on the support and advancement of four important areas of nursing including Post-Secondary Education & Certification (financial support), Healthy Nurses’ initiatives (mental health programs), funding of Nurse-led Research as well as Career Support & Mentorship programs. We are excited to continue with our impact of the past while launching our Healing Healthcare initiative which expands our impact and focuses on the support and advancement of four important areas of nursing that strengthen and improve the health of Canadians. These include:

  • Post-Secondary Education & Certification (financial support)
  • Healthy Nurses’ initiatives (mental health programs)
  • Career Support & Mentorship programs
  • Funding of Nurse-led Research

Within each pillar of Healing Healthcare, funding will be provided to address equity, diversity and inclusion.  Our focus will include finding investment opportunities to build funding for individuals from all underrepresented communities in Canada including all Indigenous populations and communities.

Through the generosity of our donors, CNF is proud to support Nursing The Future (NTF). The program is creating solutions to help keep newly graduated nurses engaged and supported through the first 24 months of transition into their nursing careers and that is important for all Canadians.


Support for new graduate nurse professional role transition is offered in the form of workplace-specific strategies through Consultations, Stormchasers and Shock Absorber initiatives.


NTF offers professional consultation to institutions and workplaces regarding the professional role transition of new graduates.
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Celebrating Excellence

Nurses supporting nurses - this is the objective of our Celebrating Excellence series. Here you can nominate a newly graduated nurse (TRAILBLAZER) or new nurse mentor/supporter (CHAMPION) who demonstrates significant potential for future leadership in the profession or in their clinical career, advanced nursing practice, strong theoretical knowledge, outstanding initiative, and is compassionate and caring with patients and their colleagues.
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An important component of NTF is the endeavour to CONNECT members to each other, both as a whole and specific to their role or nursing experience.

NTF Live

NTFLive is a grassroots approach to building connection amongst nurses. Monthly speaker-facilitated synchronous sessions will be delivered through Zoom, featuring a balanced content that resonates with nursing students, new graduates, direct care nurses, educators, and nursing leaders.
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In the Newsletter, we will share current research from the field of professional role transitioning, member stories and events featuring nursing excellence.
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A key component of NTF is the pursuit of benefiting nurses through education. Several strategies meant to EDUCATE members include the dissemination of evidence, learning through story, and a question and answer repository.

Our Voices

Much of nursing is learning through shared stories. Join us here to experience the collective knowledge that comes from the voices of nurses working on the front lines of research, practice, education and leadership.
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Transition Theory

Duchscher’s Stages of Transition© and Transition Shock© are detailed here with their theoretical evolution and origins, along with other contemporary transition theories.
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Book Club

Reviews of books for students, new graduates and new graduate supporters. Recommend a book or learn from the authors!
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Question Period

Find answers to important questions related to professional role transition in nursing.
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Several strategies are offered to engage nurses with content aimed to GROW their practice and leadership capacity.

The Interview

Nurses share what nursing means to them; what is unique about their practice; what it is like to practice in the contemporary context of healthcare; and what new graduates need for a healthy professional role transition.
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Interviews on all aspects of professional role transition and contemporary nursing practice issues of interest to newly graduated nurses.
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Speaker Series

Hear from leaders in diverse fields as they share their perspectives about the Canadian healthcare system, workforce challenges, and the profession of nursing. The lens of these presentations will emphasize how the topic material intersects with the newly graduated nurse in practice. 
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MasterClass Series

Listen in on an engaging series in which renowned leaders in their fields engage in deep discussions of practice with Dr. Duchscher.
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Emerging Career Series

The Emerging Career Series is a monthly column consisting of  synopsis of interviews with specialty practice nurses. This series will explore career paths of nurses in established and emerging specialty areas of practice, and discuss the personal and professional journey undertaken to reach these specialties. This column series will launch in January 2024.
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Nursing The Future™ acknowledges that nurses across this country live, work and play on the lands of our Indigenous Ancestors and we join our members in expressing respectful gratitude for this privilege.
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