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Here we offer a selection of books suggested by students, new graduates and new graduate supporters! We hope that when you find some time to sit down for a good read, you have a selection of nursing related literature from us! If you have read an awesome book that isn't listed here, we would love to hear about it!

We will be adding a new book each month and sharing our author interviews in our ‘Monthly Feature’ section. Have a listen!

Finally, look for Book Club Events in our calendar when 2021 rolls around.

Happy reading!

Feature Book

Dr. Helena Harrison
Transition To Nursing Practice: From Student to Professional

Dr Helena Harrison is a Lecturer in Nursing at James Cook University, Australia, with an interest in nursingeducation at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Sheisa registered nurse with over 30 yearsexperience in diverse settings both nationally and internationally.Helenais strongly committed to the preparation and growth ofthe future nursing workforce throughquality education. In particular, Helenarecognisesthat investment in the developmentofnurseeducators is critical to theabilityof theprofessionto contribute tosafe, high-quality healthcarein the future.This book was inspired by her PhD research, whichfocused on the practice readiness of registered nurses
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Nursing The Future™ acknowledges that nurses across this country live, work and play on the lands of our Indigenous Ancestors and we join our members in expressing respectful gratitude for this privilege.
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