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Here we offer a selection of books suggested by students, new graduates and new graduate supporters! We hope that when you find some time to sit down for a good read, you have a selection of nursing related literature from us! If you have read an awesome book that isn't listed here, we would love to hear about it!

We will be adding new books each month and for select books, we will be sharing author interviews in our ‘Featured Book’ section. Have a listen!

Featured Book

Beyond Your Limits

Beyond Your Limits" by Michelle Purdy is a guidebook aimed at helping individuals navigate and thrive through significant life changes and transitions. Concise and accessible, the book encourages readers to adopt a success-oriented mindset and offers practical steps to manage and embrace new roles, be they professional or personal. Purdy writes about normalizing struggle, reflecting on personal values, spirituality, strengths, and managing expectations. Featuring discussions around leadership and teamwork, the author writes about how these attributes play a significant role in successful transitions. Further, Purdy reminds us that emphasizing self-care and spiritual wellbeing and understanding its indispensability in sustaining optimal performance leads to successful transition regardless of the context. The book concludes with a reminder that embarking on new endeavors requires courage and persistence. By following the guidance provided, readers can cultivate a mindset of success and fully embrace their new roles.

"Beyond Your Limits" serves as a comprehensive manual for anyone facing significant changes, offering tools and wisdom to navigate these transitions with confidence and grace.

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