President – Canadian Association for Rural and Remote Nursing (CARRN)

Nicki Armstrong is the in-house Nurse Practitioner at Villa Marie, Covenant Care in central Alberta, occasionally teaches as a sessional clinical instructor for Red Deer College's B.Sc.N program, and is a founding partner of ObesityLink, an organization that provides expert bariatric care throughout Alberta via telehealth. Nicki started her career in health care as a Canadian Armed Forces Reserve Army medic while completing her B.Sc. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Calgary. After a few years in the fitness industry, she returned to U of C to obtain her BN and a fortuitous assignment for her final preceptorship landed her in rural Alberta where she rediscovered a passion for rural and remote health. After several years in rural acute care and emergency, teaching nurses both in Canada and Bangladesh, and starting a family, Nicki landed in Red Deer, Alberta. A career in bariatrics has allowed her to use her exercise physiology background while furthering her nursing practice and serving patients throughout Alberta. With support and encouragement from her team at the Red Deer Bariatric Specialty Clinic Nicki earned her Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) from Athabasca University – a career decision that renewed her excitement about rural and remote practice.

After a somewhat nomadic early career, Nicki has settled down on an acreage in central Alberta and is firmly committed to supporting rural and remote nursing practice through her work with CARRN. Nicki’s broad clinical experiences exemplify the specialist-generalist nature of rural practice and a lifestyle that bodes regular commutes to a regional referral centre will be familiar to many rural nurses. She strives to maintain her clinical practice while remaining equally engaged in teaching and committee work, believing that praxis is at the centre of nursing theory. While still a newly graduated nurse herself in 2004, Nicki remembers ‘road tripping’ out to Saskatchewan with a crew of nursing school friends (and getting T-Shirts to mark the occasion) to attend Nursing the Future’s Inaugural Annual Conference. “I could not be more honoured to have been asked to contribute to the Nursing the Future Speaker Series”.

Nursing The Future™ acknowledges that nurses across this country live, work and play on the lands of our Indigenous Ancestors and we join our members in expressing respectful gratitude for this privilege.
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