March 6, 2024

Nursing Mentorship Network builds community and careers through opportunities & education

Mentorship plays a crucial role in the nursing profession, positively impacting role transitions, job satisfaction, patient care, and reducing nursing turnover. In February 2021, the Associate Chief Nursing Office launched the first virtual provincial mentorship network for nurses. The Nursing Mentorship Network is a valuable resource for all professional nurses working in Alberta Health Services (AHS) and last year nursing students. It provides a virtual platform for nurses to connect, collaborate, and find support in their career journeys. The network offers opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration across the province, enhancing members' ability to lead, mentor, and support nursing best practices. It also promotes reflective practice for nurses, allowing them to grow and self-reflect.

The network is beneficial for all nurses including last year nursing students and new grads, as it offers resources and support to help them improve their career satisfaction and outcomes, cultivate their self-esteem and work identity, pursue their professional development, and advance their professional network. Nursing the Future is one of the go-to places that the network highlights for new grads. The mentorship relationship is a mutually beneficial process that creates and contributes to new opportunities for both the mentor and the mentee no matter where they are in their career. It provides an opportunity for both parties to reflect and share insights, learning from each other.

Justine Bremner, team lead for CoACT Collaborative Care, joined and credits the network for her first mentorship experience. “I also decided to become a mentee after hearing, in my master’s program, how impactful mentorship can be in the development of nurse leaders,” she says. Bremner says her mentor helped her access different opportunities, see AHS in a new light and gave her a better understanding of how to align her values with the organization. She also credits her mentor’s coaching for helping her land her current role.  “I realized that the way I want to be a nurse and provide patient care is to build and improve systems within AHS that support and empower frontline nurses in taking their own practice journey and finding ways to be leaders in their care areas,” she says.  “The network is a perfect way to do this, and to provide nurses with all the resources and support they need.” The knowledge Bremner has acquired here also positively impacts on her role as team lead. “Building processes that support mentorship and leadership among frontline staff through the implementation of elements such as Care Hubs is a huge part of my role,” she adds. “Communication and collaboration among nursing staff are key. When nurses feel confident and supported through mentorship, like I did, they’re able to grow their skills and experience and help other nurses to grow.”  

The network also offers continuous learning opportunities through virtual monthly community of practice sessions and just starting up is a ‘mentor specific’ learning community. It encourages mentors to stay updated on best practices and new developments in healthcare. Additionally, the network has a mentorship library with many resources to support the mentorship relationship. A monthly e-newsletter and announcements page keeps members up to date including the network’s strategies and events for mentees to find a mentor. 

Mentors, experienced and trusted individuals, significantly contribute to leadership, career, professional, and personal development. Their approach motivates, encourages, and supports mentees, empowering them to find answers through shared knowledge and experience. Recognizing the contributions of experienced and effective mentors is an important aspect of the network through mentor profiles and having a ‘Mentor of the Month’. The Nursing Mentorship Network is for nurses, by nurses. The volunteer nurse-led Network Advisory participate in planning and development of provincial nursing mentorship resources, plan Community of Practice sessions that are meaningful to the network and are stewards for the nursing profession. Contact Us

If you have a question or an Alberta nurse and would like to join the Nursing Mentorship Network, email:

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