May 28, 2021

Nurse Your Sense of Wonder

Life is hectic as a new grad – there is so much new information to digest while you’re preparing for your exam, applying for your license, and finishing up clinical at the same time.

You want to start your nursing career but also want flexibility in your life.

Island Health has you covered. We know how exciting, but also how chaotic, the transition from student to nurse is, and we have programs and a support network in place to help make it seamless. Learn about our New Graduate Transition Program here:

Vancouver Island is a little piece of paradise nestled on the Westcoast of British Columbia. It is known for its breathtaking rainforests, beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers and year-round outdoor activities. With over 200 towns and cities, Vancouver Island makes everyone feel at home. 

Nursing on Vancouver Island, as part of the Island Health team, brings its own set of unique opportunities. From large hospitals to small rural communities, nurses make a difference and feel a sense of belonging in their work environments too.

Olivia, a Registered Nurse living in Victoria shares:

"Actually, I fell in love with Victoria, BC on my way to Prince George. As soon as I stepped in the hallways of Victoria General Hospital, I said to myself I am coming back to work here. 18 months later I joined the team of the emergency department at the VGH. I am so lucky to be part of the ER team. We are all passionate about what we do. I have dedicated my career with Island Health since then. I always strive to be the best in everything I do and still fantasizing about becoming the CEO one day. Living in Vancouver Island is so amazing. People pay to come here. Here I get to play golf, go fishing, walk the beaches, and even bike to work all year round!" - Olivia S, Registered Nurse

Alison joined Island Health as a new grad and says:

“When I graduated, I fell in love with the wide array of opportunities available in Island Health. Not only have I been able to experience rural and urban nursing, but I’ve also been able to enjoy the gorgeous outdoors that Vancouver Island has to offer.

I spent my first year of work nursing at a remote site, and then I was able to take advantage of Island Health’s sponsored specialty nursing training. I found my home working in a small emergency department with a strong sense of community. I wouldn’t want to live or work anywhere else!” – Alison W, Registered Nurse, Island Health

If the location, activities, and community don’t say enough on their own, check out the incentives Island Health currently has for nurses!

Nurses wanting to work in rural and remote communities on Vancouver Island can qualify for the Rural & Remote Incentive, earning $10,000+ on top of their regular income! And there is now an incentive in place specifically designed for referrals of new grads that want to make the move from off-island to work at Island Health. Learn more about the New Grad Applicant Referral Incentive here:

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