Jan 07 2021


8:00 am

New Blog!

It's Okay to be Nervous

Jump in with Lindsey Kramer (RN, BScN, CPN(C)) as she walks us through a new journey. The journey of being a senior student or new graduate in the Operating Room! If you're looking forward to an upcoming preceptorship, or if you have decided that the operating room is YOUR graduate destination, this blog will help calm your nerves and give you some tips for success!

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Nursing The Future™ acknowledges that nurses across this country live, work and play on the lands of our Indigenous Ancestors and we join our members in expressing respectful gratitude for this privilege.
Préparer l’avenir des soins infirmiers reconnaît que les infirmières et infirmiers du pays vivent et travaillent sur les terres de nos ancêtres autochtones et nous nous joignons à nos membres pour exprimer notre gratitude pour ce privilège.
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