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CONNECT is a grassroots approach to nursing leadership through which senior nurses share their experience, knowledge, and tricks of the trade with students, newly graduated nurses (<12 months of practice) and recently graduated nurses (1-2 years of practice). CONNECT aims to shed light on the real life, everyday challenges and successes that new nurses face in their practice. CONNECT will be a monthly virtual discussion conducted through Zoom.

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June 30, 2021
Travel Nursing in Canada with John Tablason
John Tablason is an RN working as a travel nurse throughout Canada, in particular, in Canada’s north. In this session, JT gave us an inside scoop on what travel nursing is, why and how to become a travel nurse, and what the requirements are. With his expertise and knowledge, JT discussed the steps to take to make your travel dreams come true – without forcing you to leave your nursing career or to give up your income.
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May 18th 2021
Coping with Stress as a New Graduate with Kym Ali (MSN RN)

In this event, Kym Ali, who’s practice is embedded in ensuring the wellness of nursing personnel, discussed tips and tricks to combating stress and increasing self care while transitioning into nursing practice.

Topics covered:

  • Stress: What it is and what are the physiological effects
  • Planning: Balancing SMART goals, expectations, commitments, sacrifices, and adapting new behaviours
  • Time Management: What do you have in your toolbox? How can you best utilize calendars, personal time blocks, studying, and your work schedule?
  • Mental Wellness: What’s your approach and what are your strategies?
  • Physical Wellness: How are you committing to yourself?
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May 3rd 2021
The Essentials YOU Need to Know About the NCLEX 2.0 with Shelly Luhning (RN BSN MN ENC(C) CCNE)
In part two of our series with NCLEX Education, Shelly Luhning hosted an open Q&A forum regarding the NCLEX-RN. We also reviewed, dissected, and answered NCLEX-style questions, including reviewing rationales for correct and incorrect answers.
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April 18th 2021
CNA Certification Program with Marie Marques (RN BA MPA)
Marie Marques (RN BA MPA) joined us to discuss the Canadian Nurses’ Association (CNA) certification program. CNA's certification program consists of 22 specialty programs and is nationally recognized as a professional standard. In this CONNECT, we discussed:

- What areas of practice you can attain certification in

- Eligibility requirements

- Certification and renewal process

- The importance and benefits of certification

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April 12th 2021
Everything You Need to Know About the CPNRE 2.0
Dr Chris Beauchamp joins us again for a second go-around on all things CPNRE. Dr Chris Beauchamp has 12 years of CPNRE experiential knowledge, including developing and reviewing questions, settings standards,
developing competencies, and creating the examination blueprint. In this session, we discussed:
- What types of questions are on the CPNRE,
- How and when to begin studying, and
- How the CPNRE questions are developed
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April 10th 2021
NCLEX Success: How do I prepare and How Can UWorld Help?
Thank you to Emily Giddings (MSN, RN, CCRN, CNE), who guided us on a discussion on preparing for the NCLEX-RN. Emily brought her experience as an ICU nurse and nurse educator to this CONNECT session and shared with us her passion for nursing! In this CONNECT session, we reviewed:
- The goal of the exam and how the NCSBN decides what to test on the NCLEX,
- Evidence-based methods to preparing for exam success, and
- NCLEX-style questions and the rationales for the correct and incorrect answers
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March 21st 2021
Transitioning To Professional Practice
Britney De Palma and Naomi Martin, two third-year BSN students from Thompson Rivers University (Kamloops, BC) discussed issues related to transition from school to the workplace. What does it mean to become a nurse and what is the process like? In this CONNECT, we discussed:
- Dr Judy Duchscher’s Transition Shock model and the Stages of Transition theory
- The stages of Transition Shock
- Need to know tips and tricks
- Challenges that may arise for new graduates during their transition to the workplace
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March 7th 2021
NCLEX RN: The Essentials You Need to Know
This session took a deep dive into the exam itself – how the exam is structured, how to pass, and the types of questions on the exam. Study approaches, strategies, and tips for the exam itself were also shared.

COMPLETED Objectives:

- Reviewed the exam process and blueprint
- Analyzed the types of NCLEX questions
- Discussed tips for taking the NCLEX exam
- Shared NCLEX study strategies

Registration for CONNECT is FREE and limited to students and new graduates. For future CONNECT sessions we welcome all students, newly graduated nurses (<12 months of practice) and recently graduated nurses (1-2 years of practice) to join and share their ideas, concerns, challenges, and successes around transitioning into practice.
February 22nd 2021
Are You Ready for the CPNRE?
More information Coming Soon.
Nursing The Future™ acknowledges that nurses across this country live, work and play on the lands of our Indigenous Ancestors and we join our members in expressing respectful gratitude for this privilege.
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