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Here we offer a selection of books suggested by students, new graduates and new graduate supporters! We hope that when you find some time to sit down for a good read, you have a selection of nursing related literature from us! If you have read an awesome book that isn't listed here, we would love to hear about it!

We will be adding new books each month and for select books, we will be sharing author interviews in our ‘Featured Book’ section. Have a listen!

Featured Book

Nurses Matter
Jennifer Thietz

Nurses Matter, by Jennifer Thietz, assists nurses to transform the experience of ‘crisis’ in healthcare to one of enhancing their resilience. Providing a review of the current issues facing nurses, this author guides a reframing of these issues, and in doing so, supports nurses to find their inner resilience by working through their feelings of crisis. The book contains an overview of the reasons why nursing can be challenging and how the health care landscape that surrounds the profession contributes to these challenges. Thietz proposes that the work of transformational leadership belongs to all nurses: the knowledge of how to deliver care and the model of nursing care-is within the scope of nursing knowledge. It discusses self-care, and how to improve communication with yourself and others in order to both give and receive care. It also emphasizes the concept of resilience as a skill to be learned and exercised; a skill critical to nursing wellbeing. A conversational-style book, it is an accessible read for those looking to understand why nursing feels particularly challenging, and for those who are looking for an uplifting and realistic call to action.
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