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Here we offer a selection of books suggested by students, new graduates and new graduate supporters! We hope that when you find some time to sit down for a good read, you have a selection of nursing related literature from us! If you have read an awesome book that isn't listed here, we would love to hear about it!

We will be adding new books each month and for select books, we will be sharing author interviews in our ‘Featured Book’ section. Have a listen!

Featured Book

Taking Care

“There is nothing more urgent [to our times] than understanding the potential power of nursing right now.” Taken from Sarah DiGregorio’s book, this statement compels the reader to understand the vital and important work of nursing. Titled "Taking Care: The Story of Nursing and Its Power to Change Our World'' DiGregorio - a journalist - delves into the history, challenges and triumphs of the nursing profession. With a journalist’s attention to detail and keen perception, DiGregorio traces the evolution of nursing from its origins (four thousand years ago!) to its current state, highlighting key figures and moments that have shaped the profession. Her writing underscores the critical role nurses have long played in healthcare, begging the question: If nursing is essential to the health and well-being of ALL, why does it continue to be underappreciated and underfunded?

Through a mix of historical analysis, personal narratives, and case studies, DiGregorio richly illustrates how nurses have always been at the forefront of medical advancements, patient advocacy, and community health. She addresses systemic issues like staffing shortages, burnout, and the impact of healthcare policies on the profession. Finally, she emphasizes the resilience, compassion, and ingenuity of nurses, showcasing their ability to effect change and improve healthcare outcomes.

Taking Care is a tribute to the dedication and significance of nurses, poignantly advocating for greater recognition and support for these essential healthcare professionals.

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