NTF National Leadership Excellence Awards

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Each year, NTF acknowledges and formally recognizes 2 individuals for the demonstration of outstanding leadership in nursing. The award criteria relate to both the characteristics or attributes of leadership displayed by these individuals in the carrying out of their roles, as well as actions they have taken to advance the integration of new nurses into the workplace.

Torch Award

The Torch Award honours a senior nurse who supports, encourages and seeks to advance new nurses in the workplace.

Nominations for the 2014 Award for Excellence in the Support or Mentorship of New Graduates will open September 1, 2014.

New Graduate Leadership Excellence Award

The New Graduate Leadership Excellence Award honours a new nursing graduate leader in Nursing The Future who provides outstanding leadership in the organization, demonstrates a high degree of professionalism while enacting their role, is respected and admired by their peers, and exhibits a strong work ethic and loyalty to the advancement of new graduate issues.

Nominations for the 2014 New Graduate Excellence in Leadership Award will open September 1, 2014.