Canadian Nursing Students’ Association

CNSA is the voice of nursing students in Canada, representing the interests of nursing students to federal and provincial governments and other nursing organizations.

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NurseONE is a national, bilingual web-based health information service designed for the Canadian nursing community. The goal of NurseONE is to provide quick access to credible, up-to-date health care information to support nurses in Canada in delivering effective, evidence-based care, and to help them manage their careers and connect to colleagues, regardless of where or when they work. 

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The Canadian Nurses Association is a federation of 11 provincial and territorial registered nurses associations representing more than 120,000 Canadian registered nurses. Your registration with the SRNA automatically makes you a member of the CNA.

The mission of the organization is to advance the quality of nursing in the interest of the public.

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ANAC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose membership works mainly in First Nations Communities. An affiliate group of the Canadian Nurses Association, it is the only Aboriginal professional nursing organization in Canada.

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Promotes the health of Canadians through the advancement of the profession of nursing in Canada by:

  • Financially supporting nurses engaged in higher education or research
  • Advocating development, dissemination and utilization of nursing knowledge
  • Fostering excellence in nursing.

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The purpose of the Canadian Association for Rural and Remote Nursing is to serve as a voice for and to represent rural and remote nurses in Canada. In addition, the aim of the Association is to advance this unique specialty of rural and remote nursing practice through recognition, research and education, and thereby influence rural and remote health policy.

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The CSGNA is a special interest group representing primarily gastroenterology nurses from across Canada.  The membership consists of nurses, other health care professionals and health care workers employed in the field of gastroenterology or a related field. 

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