From Surviving to Thriving


Please find here, EXCERPTS from the book that can give you a sense of what you will find inside the purchased book. With over 12 years of research about, and experiences with new nurses transitioning to professional practice for the first time, Dr. Duchscher offers rare but powerfully resonant insights into what it is like to move from being a student to being a professional practitioner in the nursing discipline. 

The theory contained within this book not only accurately illustrates the experience of thousands of newly graduated nurses, but reveals that experience through hundreds of poignant and sometimes humorous stories of new nurses themselves. While you can never fit anyone’s experience into a BOX, Duchscher's Stages of Transition theory and model of Transition Shock meets all of the essential criteria of a GROUNDED THEORY: 1) they FIT with the experience of new nurses – "the way she explains this is spooky - it's like she knew EXACTLY what I went through!", 2) it GRABS the reader with its authenticity, 3) it WORKS with new graduates in a variety of work settings, and 4) it continues to be MODIFIED as new data has emerged through Duchscher's research.

You will be able to easily use the foundations of this theory to help you navigate the first year of your professional practice or, if you are no longer ‘new’, the theory will help you support other new nurses as they find their way in this dynamic and exciting profession! And, of critical importance is the value of this information for educators and managers looking to frame orientate, transition, integrate and stabilize the newest human resource demographic in our profession.