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November 1st, 2011 | General Nursing | 1 Comment

I remember the first time I admitted I needed help…

I work on a surgical floor, which tends to be quite busy at times. After shift report my LPN partner and I divided up the pts and began our morning routine. Everything I did seemed to be taking up more time than usual that morning and soon I was running way behind. I was to be on first break that day I began scrambling to get everything done. As my partner started finishing up her morning work she turned to me asking if I needed any help with anything. A week ago, at this point I would have said “no, I’m ok.”. Whether I didn’t know it, or just didn’t want anyone else to know it, the fact was, I was drowning.

Instead of trying to hide it, I admitted it to my partner that day and said, “yes please! I really need some help right now!”. She jumped right in to help me and within fifteen minutes the two of us had completed most of my morning work. I went for break that morning about five minutes late and the rest of the day ran on time and went off without a hitch. I even managed to have fun and go home with a smile on my face.

I learned a very valuable lesson that day… the statement “ask for help when you need it”. My partner wasn’t angry at me for falling behind that morning, she simply said, it could have happened to me. Instead of me spending the rest of my day trying to catch up, going home upset feeling frustrated and alone, I felt like I was part of the team . Verbalizing that I needed help, and the events that followed made me realize that successful nurses work as a team. Teamwork isn’t just helping your partner when they need it, but also being able to ask for help when you need it, so together, your day goes by smoothly.

Catherine LeFebvre, NTF Saskatchewan New Graduate Leader