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Continuing Competence

September 3rd, 2011 | General Nursing | 1 Comment

Just what we as New Graduates need in the midst of our various transition stages is to be thinking about Continuing Competence (CC)! However, those of us who are RNs are required to complete our first round of paperwork within 8 months of graduation. WOOP WOOP!

Maybe not so much excitement… But if any of you are struggling like I am, you may need a heads up on some helpful resources. I had the opportunity to attend an SRNA Regional Workshop in Swift Current last June. CC was discussed, and I had the opportunity to ask some questions. As an RN, I am required to complete a Personal Assessment and Learning Plan, seek peer feedback, and evaluate my learning at the end. As I was stressing out, I found these really great tools on There is a section for Personal Assessment, and one for the Learning Plan… So you can complete both these required SRNA components ON-LINE, and SAVE them on-line. The only other thing you are required to have is peer feedback (You will need paper copies of this as signatures from your peers are required).

All you need to set up an account on NurseOne is your name and registration number. If you are a student, your educational institution may be able to set you up with a group access.

RNs can refer here: for information on their CC requirements.

LPNs can refer here: (5 Continuing Education Points required each year).

RPNs can refer here: (10 continuing Professional Development credits required each year).

As much as CC seems to add to our feelings of sinking and overwhelmed-ness, it is SUPER important! May be hard to believe, but we are PROFESSIONALS now!! I know I find it hard to believe about myself … We are out there practicing as Nurses, and part of that is ensuring our fitness to practice. One last tip… revisit the Blog entry titled “Mental Health Promotion Is Not Only for Patients!” posted January 15, 2011.

I hope you guys find this helpful, good luck!!


Stephanie Tonkin, RN, BScN

Saskatoon Chapter Co-Coordinator