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WINN-NTF 2011 Recap

June 18th, 2012 | General Nursing, New Graduate Issues | 3 Comments

Thinking of all the nurses gathered together at CNA biennium in Vancouver this week makes me nostalgic for the great company and intriguing dialogue I experienced at the last nursing conference I attended – WINN-NTF 2011.

WINN-NTF (Workplace Integration of New Nurses-Nursing The Future) is a conference for managers, educators, mentors, preceptors, faculty, human resources, new graduates, students, government, professional associations and unions to share knowledge, experiences and strategies that promote successful integration of new nurses in the practical setting. Last December the conference was hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a particularly special event for me as it was my first WINN-NTF conference, and it was hosted in the city where my own transition into professional nursing practice took place a few years back!

Here’s a video that captures many of the moments shared at WINN-NTF 2011. At the end of the video is a compelling narrative shared by Krista Smith, RN, BScN, MN(s), Nursing The Future’s Cape Breton Liaison. Krista shared a very intimate account of her experience with nursing professional role transition, which held the entire room of conference delegates captivated and left them moved by her story. The dialogue that ensued during the question period following the New Graduate Panel gives testament to the significance of New Graduate Transition for novice and seasoned nurses alike.

Whether you attended this conference in person, have come across this video by another avenue, or missed out on WINN-NTF 2011 altogether, this video is a must-see recap!

Angela Espejo

CNA Sneak Peek! New Graduates in the Emergency Department

June 14th, 2012 | General Nursing, Healthcare System, New Graduate Issues | 0 Comments

Come find us at convention!

The CNA Biennium is upon us! The event, in lovely Vancouver, BC, is just days away. I won’t be attending in person, but I’ll be keeping updated via our NTF representatives and other friends who are attending the convention, as well as the live streaming that CNA is coordinating! The official CNA Facebook page, Twitter account (@canadanurses), and the convention hashtag (#CNAconv2012) are also sure to be a-buzz with convention excitement.

Readers, are any of you going to convention? What sessions are you looking forward to, and what do you want to take back to your work environments? Anyone presenting a poster or concurrent session? Will this be your first time in Vancouver, or are you a West Coast regular? If you are a first-time visitor to the city (or first time in a while), make sure to click on the “Vancouver, BC” link above – it directs to the Tourism Vancouver website and blog, which are loaded with local area tips!

Our Executive Director and Founder, Dr. Judy Duchscher, is presenting her work on the integration of new graduate nurses into emergency departments at a concurrent session entitled “Proceed With Caution! Integrating Newly Graduated Nurses Into An Emergency Department“. NTF Leader Sarah Painter, RN, BN, is co-presenting with Dr. Duchscher to share her perspective as an emerging professional RN working in the St. Boniface General Hospital Emergency Department in Winnipeg, MB.

Here are some areas that you’ll see covered at their concurrent session:

  • The preparation for, and integration of professional graduates into the dynamic climate of the contemporary workplace today, which is a continuing challenge to institutions of higher education and employers, as well as administrators and labour policy makers across North America.
  • Equally, the challenges of caring for an increasingly complex patient demographic, which are being made worse by reductions in, or the misappropriation of nursing human resources and diminishing practice support resources that threaten the quality of care that nurses can provide.
  • Perhaps hardest hit in these ‘do more with less’ times, the high-acuity practice areas that see the most unstable, least predictable and sickest on our health continuum; emergency departments and critical care units. Though some research and evidence of support initiatives exist regarding the practice of hiring newly graduated nurses into a critical care environment, this is not the case for emergency departments.
  • Insight into the experience of transitioning newly graduated nurses into a mid-western Canadian emergency department. Aside from anecdotal claims of this hiring practice, the primary author is one of few researchers who has published on this approach to staffing an emergency department from the perspective of advancing nursing practice and optimizing patient care outcomes.
  • The challenges and potential consequences of this staffing practice on new graduates and their experienced colleagues, as well as on patient safety and care outcomes. Recommendations for effective ways to identify, nurture, and integrate new high acuity nurses.

You may also find interest in Dr. Duchscher’s publication with co-author Dr. Florence Myrick, a Professor and the Associate Dean of Teaching with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Nursing:

  • Duchscher, J. B. and Myrick, F. (2008), The Prevailing Winds of Oppression: Understanding the New Graduate Experience in Acute Care. Nursing Forum, 43: 191–206. doi: 10.1111/j.1744-6198.2008.00113.x

If you see any NTF friendly faces at convention, be sure to say hello! We love nothing more than connecting and sharing dialogue with fellow nurses! In addition to Dr. Duchscher and Sarah Painter’s concurrent, lookout for:

  • Kendra Ayers, Heather Dickie, and Jennifer Parsonage, part of the emerging leaders pre-convention planning committee, participating as presenters with CNA’s pre-convention workshop, “Shaping nursing today for tomorrow: A call to action” on Sunday, 17 June
  • Throughout convention, Sophia Lepore and again the lovely Sarah Painter, womanning the NTF booth on the Exhibitor Floor (Table 38 on this map) … who knows, you may also the other leaders at the booth, as well!
  • Of course, our enthusiastic Executive Director, Dr. Judy Duchscher

Enjoy convention!

Angela Espejo
NTF Leader