General Information

General Information

Nursing the Future was created for the purpose of supporting, providing a collegial network for, and professionally empowering the newest members of our nursing community. As such, we are devoted to the assessment, identification, evaluation, and resolution of issues that arise for new nursing graduates during their transition to professional practice.

We have a variety of resources to assist new grads in their professional journey, and in building relationships with peers and with leaders in the nursing community and the healthcare system in general.

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Becoming a member, or giving the gift of membership offers the following advantages:

  • NTF nursing organization updates
  • Links to other supports for new graduates
  • Opportunities to be involved in the ongoing development of new graduates
  • Monthly e-newsletter with practical and organizational information
  • Password protected Associate, New Graduate/Student and common discussion boards
  • Receive NTF publication: "From Surviving to Thriving: Navigating The First Year of Professional Nursing Practice" - this 250 page book includes chapters on the stages of transition over the first year, as well as many tips and hints to manage the issues of being a new nurse


Membership Categories are as follows (see left menu to access different category application forms):

  • Personal
  1. Pre-Graduate (Student)
  2. New Graduate (<12 Months in Practice)
  3. Associate (Supporter of Students or New Nurses in Practice - Any Nurse > 12 Months Practice)
  • Gift (Purchase 'For' Student or New Graduate)
  • Corporate Membership (Purchase of >100 Memberships Per Order)


The book (referred to as a 'survival guide' by new graduates) is a publication written specifically for the new nursing graduate. It is supported by years of research and verified by the 'real' life-experiences of graduates. It is a must have for those nearing graduation, those who are newly graduated from their nursing education program, or those who want to understand the experience and assist a new nurse through this tumultuous but exciting professional milestone. It is jam packed with personal stories, helpful tips and advice from nurses who have been through the process and want to help those who are beginning it.

The most important thing to remember as a new graduate is that you are not alone. Membership in Nursing The Future offers support, encouragement and above all, information to prepare you to start your first year of nursing practice.

Please click here for information on the different membership categories.

NTF Membership Commitment

 "As a registered member of Nursing The Future, I am committed to nursing as a discipline that reaches out to the humanity in all people, in all places, and in any way necessary to build a better world. I do this with respect for myself and others and with the intent to unite my profession and unify it with the communities it serves. I am here to passionately and actively support my colleagues in this common purpose."

NTF Membership Fee Structure
Effective Since April 2012

**Category Survival Guide ONLY (Publications) Corporate Purchase (>100) Membership Standard Corporate Memberships (>100)
New Graduate
Nursing graduates (LPN, RN, RPN) < 12 months practice experience
$29 +Shipping/Tax 10% discount ($26.00/book) +Shipping/Tax

$40           Includes Book

10% discount

Pre Graduate
Nursing students

$29 +Shipping/Tax

10% discount ($26.00/book) +Shipping/Tax $40           Includes Book 10% discount
Seasoned nurses, managers, educators, healthcare administrators with experience > 12 months
$29 +Shipping/Tax 10% discount ($26.00/book) +Shipping/Tax $50           Includes Book 10% discount



**NOTE: All memberships may be extended to a "NTF Survival Kit" from a basic "NTF Membership" by adding $10.00/graduate (that will add an NTF lanyard, NTF book bag, NTF Pen to the kit and all kits will be sent assembled)

*Corporate memberships/Surviving to Thriving Books are purchased in volumes of 100 membership/minimum

NTF Survival Kit

This is a ‘package’ of resources that include the 250 page NTF Survival Guide, an NTF lanyard, an NTF pen and a great NTF book-bag (black bag with a red heart). This package is available for an additional $10/membership and has become a wonderful gift to either a New Graduate, Pre-Graduate or Associate Member! Your decision to purchase a ‘package’ will be provided during the application process! If you do not specifically CHECK OFF “Include NTF Package” your application submission will default to the basic membership (see above as to what NTF basic membership entitles you!).

If you have any questions or concerns about the memberships identified above, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank-you again for your interest!!!

NOTE: If you have trouble downloading the above documents or applying online, please contact us at: